RISE is a student mentoring program that serves the students of Waverly Elementary School and Waverly Junior High School. Churches across our community have partnered together since 2014 to serve children who do not have the in school support that they need.  This lack of support can be for many reasons. Parents sometimes are working several jobs and doing the best that they can to provide for their families. Students may be living with grandparents who are unable to attend school functions. Whatever the reason may be, we know that individuals serving through our churches can make a difference. We believe that as Christians we are not only called to send supplies to people, but that we are called to go to people. The purpose of RISE is to go these children and come alongside of them and let him/her know that they are cared for and that someone believes in them.
Time Commitment:
Come to the school to eat with your student at least two times a month. When your schedule allows, come to special parties and activities that the school has throughout the year.
Contact Person:
If you feel called to serve in this ministry, please contact Pastor Mary Forester. You will be required to complete a background screening.