The Power of Partnerships

WCN is not an island. We believe the church is called to come alongside of others. Throughout history, God has chosen to partner with people. And God has called people to partner with one another for the work of his Kingdom. We are at our best when we give ourselves, alongside of others, to the work of God in this world. We have made the commitment to partner with the following groups of people on an ongoing basis:

Waverly Elementary School

Our campus is located directly across from W.E.S. We seek to serve the school on its terms. We regularly ask what is needed and how we can help. Some of our ongoing efforts include:

  • A greeter program at the front door every morning.
  • FUEL, a food/backpack program for children on free or reduced lunch.
  • Gifts of money to teachers who normally buy classroom supplies with their own money.
  • We regularly help with items such as tissue boxes, hand sanitizer, tennis balls for the bottoms of chairs and tables.
  • We have given microwaves, benches for playgrounds, and equipment for the gym.
  • An appreciation week complete with prayer, cards of thanks, a meal, and gifts.
  • Volunteer hours reading to classes and assisting where needed.

 Camp Garner Creek

Camp Garner Creek is about twenty minutes east of WCN, on this side of Dickson. Camp Garner Creek s the Nazarene campground for the Tennessee District Church of the Nazarene. Camp Garner Creek as a rich history. It is a place where lives are transformed. Our children and teen camps are held at Camp Garner Creek  Our men’s, women’s, and prime timers’ retreats happen on the grounds of Camp Garner Creek.  And Camp Garner Creek hosts our annual camp meeting and various other activities. We take our role as stewards of Camp Garner Creek seriously. We plan at least one workday each year, doing necessary repairs, cleaning, and renovations. We seek to support Camp Garner Creek in its future mission to foster spiritual renewal in people’s lives.

Helping Hands Ministries

Helping Hands – Mission Moment

Pensions & Benefits, USA

Trevecca Nazarene University


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