Our Story

In 1946, Mr. Bob Collier donated space to begin the church at his sawmill. A tent revival began at this location with Rev. A.L. Hudnal of Clarksville. In 1951, a building was rented from Mr. Allen Potter (Potter’s Shoe Shop) on Sundays for worship. Until the church moved into its current property, we worshipped in the shoe shop. The property at 619 E. Main Street was purchased in 1951. We worshipped in the basement until the upper level was complete. In 1957, the building was complete and worship began in the current sanctuary. Through the various additions and changes to our facilities, we also worshipped at the Primitive Baptist Church and the Junior High School. Various additions and expansions were made to further the church’s work over the years. 
Our church was flooded on E Main Street a total of 4 times. With the last flooding event of August 21, 2021, the church prayed and began making the transition to build on higher group at 693 Airport Rd. Through inflation and delays, our church was committed to what we believed God was ready to do through us. On February 4, 2024, our church gathered for worship in our new, safe facility. We thank the Lord for His faithfulness that has gotten us to this point. Our space is not finished which is fine because we are an unfinished people. We believe and trust in the Lord to continue to provide for us. 
We encourage you to continue giving to the building fund. If you are new to WCN, we encourage you to begin giving. In doing so, you aren’t giving for mere bricks and mortar. You are giving to make space for disciples to be made. You are investing in the future work of WCN. 
WCN’s real story is told in the lives of people. The people of our church have a history of trusting in God. We have repeatedly stepped out on faith, expecting God’s provision and guidance. Whether it be property purchases, staff additions, compensation for pastors, or ministries to others, we step out on faith and trust God with our future. We believe God honors such steps of faith. God is still writing the exciting story of WCN.