Immerse Groups

Immerse Groups are small groups that gather on Wednesdays. Groups gather at 6:30pm.
Options will include topical studies, Bible studies, etc. Immerse Groups are all about Becoming. Discussions are not just about gaining in head knowledge. We learn in order to be sent out as the hands and feet of Christ.
Immerse Groups are offered in three different cycles:
January – Easter
Easter – Summer
Fall – Christmas

Kids Immerse Group (Kids’ Worship Space)

Our Church: What is a Nazarene Anyway? 
Kids are part of the church, and they want and should know what that means! What does it mean to belong to this crazy, world-wide group? To believe together even when we may think differently than our neighbors? And what it means for us to become more and more like Jesus in every part of our lives? We will be asking and start the process of answering these questions. Led by Pastor Kelsey. 

Teens Immerse Group (Youth Space)

Real Prayer: Learning to Live in God’s Presence
Let’s figure out how to pray. How to really pray in a way that matters to God and benefits us. Not empty words. Not going through motions. Led by Pastor Daron and Katie Brown.

Nursery Care will be available.


Adult Immerse Group Registration


Registering early allows us to determine the most appropriate classroom for each size of group. You do not have to be present on the first night to join in the discussion. You may join a group at any point during the cycle. If you are unsure which class to choose, speak to one of our pastors.

6:30pm Wednesday Adult Immerse Groups


Quiet Strength (group for men) 

In this inspiring and reflective memoir, NFL Coach Tony Dungy tells the story of a life lived for God and family―and challenges us all to redefine our ideas of what it means to succeed. Please purchase the book by the same name written by Tony Dungy with Nathan Whitaker. Group led by Karl Reynen

The Good & Beautiful Community 

God created humanity and called us good. Sometimes humanity is not good to one another. We will learn how to live in relationship with others as apprentices of Jesus who are in continuous contact with the kingdom of God…to be the good and beautiful community that God created us to be. Please purchase the book of the same title by James Bryan Smith. Group led by Pastor Mary

What Love Is

A study of 1 John about the deep lobe and fellowship Jesus invites us into with Him and how this relationship shapes our relationships with others. Please bring your Bible. Group led by Pastor Janice

Dancing Solo

Based on the book of the same name by Tim Green. Green disrupts the performance-driven mindset by asking, “What if what we have come to call ‘life’ isn’t really ‘life’ at all?” With thoughtful relevance and inspirational anecdotes, Green imparts the understanding that life cannot be earned or accomplished but is simply the good and pure gift of God. Purchase of this book is not necessary.