We want more for you than to simply be present on Sunday mornings. We want you to be actively serving the Lord. We want you to be doing what God has called you to do. As you serve, you become a part of God’s mission in the world. 
If you have no idea where to begin, use this resource to help you discern where God might be ready to use you. Discerning Your Place to Serve
If you would like to see a comprehensive list of ways you can serve in and through WCN, please use this resource. All In Connections Survey
You are welcome to meet and pray with any of our pastors. One of the best parts of our calling is to come alongside of you as you begin serving. If you would like to serve specifically in Local Missions, please reach out to Pastor Janice.
Thank you for turning in any forms to Pastor Mary.
“Just as each of you has received a gift, so you should use it for ministry one to another, as good stewards of God’s many-sided grace.”
NT Wright’s The Kingdom New Testament Contemporary Translation