Recovery Ministries

WCN offers support services to anyone needing a “companion on the inner way” which affects the journey of life in tangible ways as well.
* A broad range of community resources are made available.
* A personal life coach or a mentor is available upon request. Coaches can help in several ways. They give inspiration, advice, and guidance, offer corrective feedback, make introductions to people who can assist, provide opportunities to demonstrate skills, give support and an accountability structure.
Different tyes of mentoring exist:
1) Crisis mentoring-such as an illness or divorce.
2) Transitional mentoring-such as a residential move, becoming a new parent or couple.
3) Discipleship mentoring-as for a newcomer.
4) Recovery mentoring-for those dealing with harmful habits.

Celebrate Recovery

The Wednesday evening Immerse Groups offer a variety of classes in a small group format to encourage spiritual growth as well as a holistic approach to self development. Life skills classes are offered as needed.
* A weekly Celebrate Recovery group meets every Thursday at 6:30pm until 8:15pm in the teens’ space downstairs in the main building. Almost 30,000 churches and 3.5 million people worldwide have adopted this support group structure and discipleship training to encourage transformation and restoration! This group is open to anyone seeking to recover from any destructive habit, demoralizing hurt, or disturbing hang-up. This ministry also serves to assist individuals in maintaining that recovery and moving forward into all that life was meant to be.
* WCN participates in the newly developed Humphreys Homeless Coalition in a broader community effort to offer relief options for the homeless. 

As the Scripture above states, our mission is to show hospitality beyond our walls as well as within them. We aspire to be a friend to those who are in prison and those who are mistreated. Even as Christ stands for the defenseless, so we stand alongside them. In so doing, we have fulfilled the greatest commandment of loving God and the second commandment of loving our neighbor as ourselves.     (Matthew 22:38).