Beginning April 26, 2017 6:30pm
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  Prayer & Care … Pray for people. Make handwritten cards telling them you’ve prayed. It’s that simple.
Group Leader: Lanelle Coleman.

  Belonging and Community … At WCN, small groups are a vital way for people to belong.  The hope is for every small group is to be an opportunity for people to form relationships, provide accountability, and minister together. Open for all leaders and teachers to discover how to build and encourage a stronger sense of belonging and community in their small groups.  Book – “Creating Community” by Andy Stanley and Bill Willits.

Group Leader: Pastor Dani Hawks.


Breathe Created,  1st from the series by Shawna Songer Gaines… This small group Bible study for women will help you see where God is at work in the world, allowing you to delight in God’s creativity in both scripture and life.  Creation began with a breath, and God is still breathing into us today, recreating and making us new.  No book purchase required.

Group Leader: Pastor Janice Rudolph



  Acts of the Spirit… Join this Bible study on the book of Acts. Engage the stories of the formation and mission of the early church in which the Holy Spirit is the main character. No book purchase necessary. Bring your Bibles. 

Group Leader: Betty Hamm.

  The New Man… Learn what it means to become a new man, a man after God’s heart in every area of your life. Please purchase the book: The New Man: Becoming a Man After God’s Heart by Daniel Doriani. 

Group Leader Ricky Walters.


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