Ages: Infant through 3 years



The purpose of our children’s ministry is to help children discover a relationship with Jesus Christ, live a life of discipleship, to equip and support the family as the foundation for spiritual growth.


Learning environment:

Our babies and toddlers are cared for by trained and loving individuals. Those who serve in the nursery have a one point message each and every time that they are with the children. God loves you.

The Tinies have age appropriate Bible lessons, snacks, play games, and make crafts. When the children are ready to transition to the Littles worship service, they have this foundation of understanding God’s love to build upon. 


Safety and Training:

The safety of our children is a top priority for us. Each one of our volunteers is required to complete safety training and have completed a background screening. An individual trained in CPR/First Aid is always available during service times. The leaders also receive training throughout the year to help them best meet the needs of our children and to help them teach the children how to be more like Jesus.


Weekly Schedule:


Nursery care is available during worship serves at 8:45 am and 11 am, Sunday School 10 am, and during Diving Deeper 6pm.


Nursery care is available during Wednesday night Immerse groups at 6:30pm.


As you transition your baby to our nursery, please know that you are welcome to visit anytime. We always welcome our mamas and dads to stay with us as the child gets comfortable in this new environment. If you would like to keep your child in the service with you, you are more than welcome to do so. We do offer a private nursing area in the nursery, if you should need it during the service time.



The nursery is located downstairs in the main building of the church.


What should I send with my child?

Your child is welcome to bring his/her own cup and snacks; however, we do have cups, juice, and snacks available for your child. We do ask that you bring diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes. If you have any special instructions regarding feeding or care of your child, please share that with our nursery leaders when you arrive.


Healthy Babies:

Our sick child policy is in place for the health and safety of all the babies that we serve. We ask you to not bring your child to the nursery if there has been any fever (100.4 or higher), diarrhea, or vomiting at any time in the past 24 hours. Our toys are cleaned and disinfected twice a week to further prevent the spreading of germs.


Check-in/Check-out Policy:

Because your child’s safety is of the utmost importance to us, we have a check-in/check-out policy to ensure that we put your baby in the right hands as we dismiss from church. Please sign your child in and out every time that you bring him/her to church. We also ask that whoever picks up the child is the same person who dropped him/her off. We follow this policy for all babies whether it is their first day or their third year.


Discovery Tinies Staff and Leaders:

Pastor: Mary Forester

Nursery Director: Delilah King

Nursery Leaders: Rebekah Scribner, Vanessa Mathews, and Sydney Ross

The Tinies have many others who serve on a rotational basis throughout the year. They routinely give of themselves to our children. We could not serve our families in the ways that we do without them.
We are excited to be able to love and serve your family! 
In Christ’s love,
Pastor Mary Forester